Choosing Your Shoes for Your Thunder Bay Wedding

Her Wedding PlannerWell, you may not give them serious thought, shoes are just shoes anyway. But be warned, one of the fastest way to spoil your big day in Thunder Bay is a sore feet. Incorporate the following tips to protect your feet from painful blisters and buyer’s remorse.


  1. Plan ahead. There is always a tendency to follow your heart and go for that ‘dream shoes’. There is nothing wrong with that as long as it will not cost you a limb – financially, that is. Draw a list if you have to. And narrow it down. As there are such a wide selection of shoe styles (e.g., stilletos, white shoes, low heels), let practicality be part of your decision-making: Are you going to have a beach wedding and would be walking in sand? Or is going to in a barn?


  1. Get input. Once you’ve settled down on your shoe style, it’s time you get the details in. Look into fave bridal magazines or hit the world wide web. Take a peek. When you’ve done enough touring you will find shoes that will surely inspire you – bearing in mind the right parameters of course. You can utilize Pinterest and pin your chosen shoes on board.


  1. Get proper feedback. A good review can be helpful as it will let you see aspects of your ‘chosen shoes’ that you may have overlooked. Talk to your bridesmaids or close friend-advisors. Solicit a piece of their mind and let them post their thought on your Pinterest board. Or you can send pictures of your chosen shoes via email.


All of the feedbacks are helpful. Ultimately, it is you who will decide. Bring your wedding planner or trusted confidante (usually the maid of honor) and visit the store to see the fit.


Word of warning: Online ordering is good but there may be no way to send the shoe back once you’ve made the payment.


The worst thing you can do to get the best shoe for your wedding is to rush in. However, when you get the right thinking into it, chances are you’ll be walking in sunshine when you walk down the aisle.

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