To Alcohol and Beyond!

Wedding Alcohol DrinksWhere there is crisis there lies opportunity, and so how any enterprising entrepreneur worth his salt put it. Yet nothing is truer than alcohol in your wedding in Thunder Bay. Many frown it as a source of headache – a waste of money (thousands of dollars possibly).

Worse, alcohol carries a charm that can unleash emotions out of men, as many highway patrol police can attest.

Given the right moves, however, alcohol can also be an area where you can save some – and chip off a thousand or two from your original allocated budget.

It may not be a walk in the park but it’s sure worth it not to lose an arm and a leg for your wedding.

Location Matters

It may come as a surprise but where you do your celebration can spell a lot of difference.

Look for halls that allow you to bring your own alcohol. Needless to say, what is bought in the house will cost you.

For instance, a friend of mine down in New York City had his June wedding recently. He showed me his computations for a cash bar: $15 per person x 100 guests = $ 1500. And these people have not even taken a bite.

Try Beer and Wine

Forget those hard liquors and go for a more reserved beer and wine servings. More often than not, guests will gobble up whatever is served. Ultimately, this gives you a plenty of room to save.

Or Go Bold: No Alcohol At All

Now, this may cause some people to choke. Wining and the dancing has always been associated with merrymaking. Stories from the Mediterranean abound of weddings with celebrations lasting for a full week (what a nightmare would that be these days).

Still the same, it all boils down to you and your future-other. Come to think of it, alcohol is like the icing to the cake: A full stomach that is sober is better than a drunk one that is hungry.

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