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When planning your Thunder Bay Wedding one of the first decisions you will want to make is ‘what colors’. Once you have established your color palette you can start planning your wedding decor, your party favours, your wedding cake design or even your flowers. Picking your wedding colors will come close or right next to picking a wedding date on your checklist!

There are of course many colors to choose from, however today we will be discussing pink. Some of your are already thinking “I love pink” or “Yuck”. And of course you may want to let your fiancee in on the planning by asking him. Some men will say “I don’t care what color you pick as long as we stay in budget” while others might say “anything but pink”. It all depends on your personal taste.

Thunder Bay Wedding

Some of your might think that pairing pink with white will look too much like a baby shower. A survey was taken about this color combination and the response was 53% said “Classy, yes it could work” and 47% said “Bring a pacifier to that wedding party”. You can view the full article by clicking here.

While pink and white might be more of a softer, girly color combination, there are some pink pairings that are punchy and striking. For example, hot pink and black, that is sharp. The look you are going for can depend greatly on the shade of pink you pick as well as the complimentary color. Here is a picture of some combinations taken from this article.

Thunder Bay Wedding

Pink is the softer, sweeter side of red. It is a delicate color which symbolizes abundance, compassion and love. A pink wedding theme is very versatile and will look stunning whether chosen for a summer or winter wedding. Pink paired with silver and white make a beautiful winter wedding theme.

If you are having trouble picking a color palette for you wedding, there are several websites that can help you. This site allows you to pick a color and it will find complementary colors for you to pair with. Once you’ve selected the scheme you like, print it off and bring it with you when you meet with your florist or cake designer. Here is another website is; this website allows you to upload a favourite picture and it will generate a color palette. So let’s say there is a picture on the web and you love the colors, copy the url and paste it there, and will generate a beautiful color scheme.

The great thing about your wedding is that it’s YOUR WEDDING. You get a chance to be creative and have fun with the colors you pick. Of course there are some of us who cringe at the thought of having to be ‘creative’ which is why there are people out there called Wedding Planners or Wedding Consultants (Thunder Bay has some great one’s might I add – check out our Wedding Directory).

Have fun planning your wedding and be proud of the colors and decor decisions you make!

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  1. April 2, 2012

    Great combinations, I was recently at a wedding whose designer used combinations of black, cerise and baby pink and it was actually stunning, really sophisticated looking

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