Your Wedding Guest List: Keeping It Simple

Her Wedding PlannerNow, there is no need to do a major tussle over the wedding guest list. With your big day approaching in Thunder Bay, the last thing you need is a petty squabble over who gets the invite. As always, establishing order should make your wedding guest list a walk in the park. Here’s how:


Use percentages. Splitting things up the right way is the way to go. After you agree on the number of guests that you are going to have, use percentages to finalize how many should each partner get to invite. For instance,  having 50 percent of the total list to the couple-to-be-wed could be a good start. And the rest of the pie maybe assigned to each set of parents – 25 percent each. Sounds really easy. And it is.


Of course, the best thing is that you agree from the onset. It does not matter if the numbers differ (as to who foots the bill), the important thing is you’ve established how much of the pie each of you deserve. And if somebody comes short, any one of you may have more important names to fill the void.


Work as a team. It is always best to work as one so no regrettable invite may be extended. Telling your parents early how many people they can bring in is important. Remember: It is very hard to un-invite someone once an invite has already been extended.


Do priority listings. This may sound really practical but many a would-be-couple tend to forget it. Excitement could get you but rushing your list can be a major let-down. Classifying your listed guests into the non-negotiables, the important and the so-so can save you a lot of trouble.


When you are over your mark, trim from the so-so crowd first and work your way up.


Putting order in your list-building effort is essential. Like casting for a movie, your pictures will sure become posterity-perfect with the right mix of people to stand by you on your ‘big day’.

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