Her Wedding PlannerNo doubt, like an icing to a cake, a honeymoon completes your wedding memories. It’s but righteous. Opening this new chapter in your life as a newlywed should start with quality time together – a blissful nostalgia in the years to come.


But how quality should quality be. Remember a trip around the world in a cruise ship is magnificent, a high note to start your union. However, if such a journey would only burn your lifetime savings, then that would altogether be another story. Then again, keeping your feet grounded to the ground despite the euphoria of the event would not only be a virtue. It is a requisite for ushering more fruitful years.


Weddings and honeymoons unpack your years together – enough reason for you to start it right. In this regard, planning is king. The ‘sweet success’ of your wedding and your dream honeymoon starts on the days – months or years for some – before said events. A little imagination could fire up your first nights as a couple. Who says a trip on a motorbike on a borrowed Harley-Davidson sportster is no fun at all? It could awaken the adventurous spirit in you and drive you unto greater heights in your life as one.  Or going backpacking in Alice Woods? Going out-of-the-box adds a thrill into it. Just remember to weigh your options and put it down on a list.


Your Thunder Bay wedding deserves a great start. Definitely, things will fall into its rightful place once you start to think ahead – together.

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