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When I got married I had a vision of myself with my hair done up and being held by beautiful crystal pins topped off with simple makeup and jewelry. I was inspired by the bridal magazines whose models always seemed to look absolutely elegant in these fine gowns and simple features and additions of jewelry here and there.

For your wedding look inspiration I found a collection of looks on Glamour magazine’s website that are sure to be bookmarked! There is something for everyone, whether you want your hair all the way up, or choose to let your locks hang in loose curls, there are many pleasing looks from the stars over the years. I thought I should take a look at a few different styles for your consideration.

long-hair-150x150Long Hair
If your hair reaches down your back there are many styles that you can try out. for summer there is the classic updo done with a modern twist, the half-up-half-down look that can add glamour with some curls, or the flowing locks that can be curled or sleek straight.

mid-length-hair-150x150Mid-Length Hair
Much like the styles mentioned above, you have more versatility in your hair style. with a fringe or all your hair pulled back you can pull off a large amount of great hair styles. You may want to embellish your look by adding beautiful hair pieces to your do.

bob-style-150x150The Bob
You might feel that your short hair must be worn down, but you’re wrong, you still have multiple looks for your hair at your finger tips. With the addition of crystal pins, head bands, or plain bobby pins, your bob can look glamourous and outshine any long hair any day!

short-hair-150x150Short Hair
Your hair might be short, but that doesn’t mean you get the short end of the stick when it comes to wedding hair! Make your pixie cut work for you by channeling your inner diva. Rihanna, Halle Berry, Michelle Williams, Coco Rocha, and Robin Wright. Google these names and you’ll feel just as bold as the day you first got your pixie cut!

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