Thunder Bay Wedding: 5 Keys to Planning it Right

Her Wedding PlannerMore often than not, weddings are such a wonderful event would-be couples have visions of how it should be remembered. No question about that;  however, it’s translating these wonderful ideas into a ‘workable plan’  where many falter. Here are 5 simple steps to laying your plans right – key to making your Thunder Bay ‘dream wedding’ a reality:


1. Start early. Whoever said “Early bird gets the worms” could have inadvertently warned future couples of the dangers of procrastination. Giving your wedding but a few weeks or days to prepare is a sure-fire method to a chaotic wedding. Get those lazy bones off your back and give your wedding enough lead time.


2. Schedule your tasks. Your wedding is like baking a cake. Sounds simple right? Not really. Remember, to bake a cake you will have to buy the cake’s ingredients first ( e.g., flour, butter,vanilla, egg white just to name a few). Break down the major tasks in your wedding and give these tasks a timeline.


3. Delegate. There is a danger of carrying all the burden by yourself. Learn to delegate and know how to delegate right. This not only frees you, it allows you to focus on more important duties.


4. Speak clearly. This holds especially true for your vendors and for people who will be working with you. Clarify your expectations early on and make your deadlines clear as crystal. There could be fine prints in your contracts like cancellation policies or fees, so take time to understand before you sign them. Knowing the details and making the details clear right from the start saves you unnecessary trouble on your big day.


5. Get organized. Keep important documents like contracts or receipts filed. Get your calendars marked or even better, dedicate a room or portion of which solely for your wedding details. It may not be apparent to your ‘dream wedding’ in Thunder Bay is but a matter of setting your focus right.

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