Choosing Flowers for Autumn Weddings

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Picking flowers for a spring or summer wedding is so easy, even first-time wedding planners will have no trouble with it. Both seasons are blessed with a variety of flowers in full bloom, from flowers with sunny and bright colors to those with sweet pastel colors.

But when it comes to the fall season, you’ll have to be more creative when putting together wedding flowers, especially since you won’t have as many options as the 2 earlier seasons. But when done right, nothing beats the charm and sophistication of fall flowers.

We’ve got a few ideas to get you started.

  • Although paying attention to the hottest fall trends is still a good idea, nothing beats the classic flowers used in fall weddings. Pick flowers which are darker and deeper than the ones you would choose in the summer. Match autumn hues with unusual colors like rich greens and copper leaves.
  • For wedding bouquets, arrange flowers in a tighter and more constructed way. Pick flowers with dark orange and rich red colors, and tie them closely together, cutting of the stems off or covering them with sash or ribbons.
  • Use plants for centerpieces. While flowers may not be in season during the fall, you can still use ornamental vegetables and beautiful plants with autumn leaves for a more rustic effect to a wedding.

Good luck and start planning before the season ends!

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Choosing Flowers for Autumn Weddings

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