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Her Wedding PlannerThere is not an event that can turn your mother, your father, your best friends and almost anyone you tell about it into an ‘instant expert’ than your wedding.  Everybody seem to have something important to say about what should be observed. Careful though, your Thunder Bay wedding can easily drill a hole in your wallet and leave you at a financial loss if you don’t weigh things properly.

Below are 3 proven methods to keep your ‘big day’ in Thunder Bay closer to success at the least cost.


1.  Strategize.

If you are going to tie the knot when everyone else does it, then it definitely will cost you. For instance, Saturdays are the most expensive days to hold a wedding because many are doing it on that day. In accordance, restaurants and caterers are in great demand on that day. Getting your wedding on a day other than Saturday would save you tremendously.

Same goes true for peak wedding months, which usually starts by April and ends late June or early July. Vendors would definitely charge a lot more on these months as their services are being sought more. Why avail when it’s expensive?


2. Get in-season flowers.

Like those lettuces and cabbages, flowers have a season. Getting a particular flower when it’s off-season can double or triple its cost. Many couples spend a whole lot more on their flowers than they should because their choice is simply ill-timed.


3. Cut back on reception costs.

There is no spending as big as the reception – more often than not –  unless you are planning to have your guest on a diet. This is the arena where most of the moneys will be spilled. However, with creativity you could actually cut your costs here. For instance, instead of a full meal, let the caterer serve tapas. They give not only a wider choice of options, they are a lot cheaper. And while you’re at it, try not to serve hard liquor as their cost could easily add up. Rather serve beer or wine.


And if you are really serious about lowering costs, creating a shorter guest list will do the job –most definitely. In this regard, a temporary memory loss or short-term amnesia (if ever there was such a word) may be helpful in this area.

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