Zeroing in On Your Wedding Suit

Wedding SuitNo need to create a fuss. Weddings highlight the bride like no other. Well, with all eyes on her (e.g., her gown, her shoes, her hairdo) it’s but fitting you get yourself a suit for your “big day in Thunder Bay”. You are the groom that has won the beauty by your side, by the way.

Here’s how to go about getting a suit that fits to a T. If you want it to really matter, of course.

Go Purchase

Sounds expensive, right? Considering you’re just going to wear your suit for just a day, a few hours to be exact. You are right.

But this is not your high school JS Prom (Junior Senior), this is your wedding (unless you’re going to wed again next year). And you can scout around but you will realize: rented suits look bad. Not only have they been worn by almost everybody who dares, they’ve been there for ages. Would you want that?

Shun Corporate

Ok. Take note. You are not going to give a PowerPoint presentation, so don’t look like one. Get something that will make you look like it’s your wedding day, because it truly is. Go the black route, complete three piece. It will take some of your savings, sure.

But it will pay you off big time.

Fabric Matters

No matter how good your tailor’s nip and tuck, it won’t save you from ill-form if your fabric is lousy. Get a fine foundation for your suit; settle with fine fabric. You can’t go wrong with wool, that’s for certain.

And after the wedding when things start to settle down, you can actually use your suit as a most favorable weekday work suit. Just ditch the vest, you don’t want to appear like you’re on to another wedding. Or worse, for that matter, a funeral.

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