Outdoor VS Indoor Wedding Receptions

Outdoor VS Indoor Wedding ReceptionsAmong the most mulled and thought about questions – when talking about planning for wedding receptions – falls along the lines of “Should we have an outdoor or indoor wedding reception?”

If you’re among the many asking, here are some points which you should look into and know about.

Outdoor VS Indoor Wedding Receptions

While everyone knows that the wedding ceremony is the heart of the occasion, it can’t be denied that the wedding reception is important, given its overall festive and celebratory role.

In weighing the upsides and downsides between outdoor and indoor wedding receptions, having a location in mind is crucial, since a set location can help give you insight on what you have can expect outdoors and indoors.

Take a wedding reception in Thunder Bay, Ontario for example. Thunder Bay is known for its cool summers and warmer winters, so if you plan on getting married in Thunder Bay in the summer, an outdoor wedding reception won’t be searing hot for wedding guests and family members.

Just remember to check on local weather forecasts for rain or any upcoming storms, and your outdoor wedding reception would go without encountering any snags.

If you can’t seem to find the right location for your wedding reception, going for an indoor location is best, since indoor venues tend to be easier to find, as well as book.

They are also generally cheaper in terms of function-area payments, and most indoor locations also afford to-be weds with packaged venue-and-catering services that does wonders in keeping the planning and preparing stage of weddings stress and hassle free.

Bottom line, before you ask if you should have an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, first determine where your wedding will be. Once you’re set on the where, you can then easily assess if an outdoor or indoor setting is better.

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