Choosing the Best Reception for Your Wedding

Her Wedding PlannerNow, you may be wondering what kind of reception should be right for your Thunder Bay wedding. After all, you don’t want to overdraw your bank account or leave your guests in the dark either. Here’s making your options for a wonderful reception a lot simpler for you.


Strictly speaking there are two major types of wedding receptions:


  1. Sit-downs and
  2. Cocktail.


As time goes by, other versions – a reflection of the changes – appeared. For instance, picnics have gained popularity. On the other hand, celebrations that take a more practical form like simple cake-cuttings and more adventurous epitomized by beach weddings have also been widely-practiced lately.


Sit-downs which could include your new-kid-on-the-block ‘barn weddings’ are to a large extent traditional. These are really good for speeches and longer merrymakings. The catch: Sit-downs takes a lot more in terms of preparation and finances. In fact, of all choices this has been known to leave a big hole in your bank account, to put it mildly.


Cocktail is modern and very chic. A lot of guests may find it refreshing. Also, this could also be very wallet-friendly. However, cocktail receptions tend to be more exacting in terms of attention and focus for your guests. Tendency is cake-cutting and toasts could be a little more disorganized.


On one hand, picnics are a perfect pick for nature-loving couples. Not only is it light on the budget, catering can be as easy as getting your fave sandwich place.


Another option that will give you convenience is a simple cake-cutting. Not much fuss. You can do it in a local café, in the foyer or right in the comfort of your abode. But of course, this is best for smaller circles only where your best friends join your big day.


Beach receptions are great for photography, perfect for the memories. But like garden weddings you need extra attention on the weather. A little rain – not to mention a lot of sand – can start your guests looking for a way out faster than you’d want them to.

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