Zeroing in On Your Maid of Honor

Her Wedding PlannerEven when you’re in Thunder Bay, choosing a maid of honor can be tacky. If you haven’t found one, read on.


This is not a stay-beautiful walk-ahead of me task.  True, maid of honor sounds glitzy. It is easy to fall into the trap of getting someone with the ‘looks’.  However, the name

comes with responsibilities – a load of them to be exact.


Maid of honor is a close confidante. She helps you chose your wedding dress, throws you a bridal shower and keeps the ring for your partner-to-be on your wedding day.  And lest we forget, sign your marriage license.  Although a maid of honor’s responsibility can vary, the position holds a lot of significance.


In more ways than one she’s a go-to gal.  People expect to get all kinds of vital information regarding your wedding from her when you’re not available (i.e., time of

wedding, time of the rehearsals, where to park).


Now, with all this info, you may have somebody in mind.  Draw a list to explore your options.  As history would have it, more often than not, this role ends up at the

bride’s best girlfriend’s lap. Also, (big) sister or an unwed relative are in close running for this role.


To a large extent, choosing a maid of honor is critical to the success of your wedding.  Take time to explore your options.  In this regard, your partner-to-be can give you a reality check.  Deciding as a couple could save you the hassle.  Lastly, once you have made up your mind, it is important that you give your prospective maid of honor time to decide.  Lay the cards down and be very clear on the role that you’d like her to play from the onset.


In the end, you will realize that understanding the role of a maid of honor is the key to getting a great one.

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